Our Mission

Everything we do is inspired by our commitment to our students. We strive to:

  • Instill personal responsibilities in oral healthcare
  • Enhance personal worth, self-sufficiency and positive self-esteem
  • Provide quality service to the dental profession
  • Be one of the best centers of learning in the dental assisting profession

Our Philosophy

There are many job opportunities for qualified dental assistants in the dental profession. However, challenges often arise that prevent potential students from attending dental school. It is difficult for most people to attend school on a full-time basis when they also have to work to earn a living and the expense necessary to finance schooling in a major college discourages some students from pursuing further education.

At Dental Assistant School of Temecula, our dental assisting program is specifically tailored to meet these challenges. We offer nighttime or weekend class schedules that are designed to accommodate working students. Our affordable tuition fee also keeps our students in mind so you can attend a high-quality dental program without straining your finances. As a professional and diverse facility, we accept students regardless of gender, race, age, marital status, religious creed, and ethnic or national origin.

Our dental assisting curriculum is an instructional program provided during a 13-week dental assisting course. It consists of 96 hours of lecture and lab, as well as a 48-hour externship with a practicing dentist. The program utilizes a hands-on educational approach where students learn by doing. The curriculum provided is divided and taught by two entities: Dental Assistant School of Temecula and Professional Dental Enterprises. Our school handles courses focused on teaching all the necessary skills to be a chairside dental assistant. After training, all the board certifications are contracted out through Professional Dental Enterprises. Between the two entities, a student can acquire all the skills and certifications to be qualified and legally certified to practice as a DA (dental assistant) in the state of California. The course includes lectures on the fundamentals of general dentistry and the basic skills, knowledge and technical proficiency necessary to assist dentists in the various operative procedures performed in a dental clinic. Completion of the program will allow the student enough training to qualify for an entry-level position in a dental office.

At our dental school in Temecula, California, we are dedicated to the ideals of developing efficient and effective dental assistants through a competency-based program. If you would like to start a career in dental assisting, contact our office at 951-695-6269 to learn more about Dr.K. Pat Brown and our program.

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